The scent of this delicious plant is not to be missed: eucalyptus. This plant is a real must for an extra wellness feeling at home and an aged look. By crushing the leaves you get a wonderful menthol smell. The leaves of this gray houseplant start out round, but as they get older they take on an elongated shape. The eucalyptus does not only do well indoors, nowadays you also have hardy varieties that you can put outside.

Senecio Mount Everest
The Senecio Mount Everest is becoming more and more popular and that is probably due to its color. That is because it is beautifully grayed, against the light blue. You don’t have to worry about the Senecio Mount Everest. In the summer, the graying houseplant needs water about twice a month and in winter even once a month. This is because this Senecio species stores the water in the leaves. Ideal if you don’t have such green fingers…

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