One of the best-known palms to have as house plants is the Kentia. A striking one too, because it often has a large size. You can therefore use the Kentia well as a room divider. In addition, it is a strong plant that does well in places where there is not too much light. The Kentia palm also remains beautifully green at a lower humidity. An ideal office plant!

dwarf palm
A palm with a finer size is the Chamaedorea, also called the Mexican dwarf palm. The fact that the palm is smaller than most palm species says nothing about the looks. The dwarf palm has beautiful, elegant leaves. In addition, it is air-purifying, easy to care for and the palm does not have many wishes regarding the pitch. The Chamaedorea remains small, because it is a very slow grower.

Prefer a palm that grows quickly? Then you should choose the Areca. This houseplant can grow into a giant and that immediately makes it the showstopper of the room. The Areca has finely shaped leaves and is slightly more striking than other palms because of the greenish-yellow leaf stems. And another easy one to care for!

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